Monster Indicator addon

Monster Indicator addon helps quickly identify hostile or passive mob. Most of the mobs will have Exclamation point on the hand. It can be green and yellow color. Green will show you on hostile mobs and yellow shows passive one. You can see this mark on the long distance and it let you avoid your enemies. 

What mobs will be marked?
  • green mark (hostile mobs): zombie, skeleton, creeper, etc
  • yellow mark (neutral mobs): ghast, silverfish, bee, etc

How does it work?
Addon is really helpful and makes your survival mach easier. Just imagine that you can avoid a lot of hostile mobs and do you game without fighting. If you see red mark you understand that this is hostile mob and you can avoid him. If you see yellow mark you can be sure that this is passive ( neutral ) mob and you do not need have fear.

some screenshots from this addon

download Monster Indicator addon for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17
DOWNLOAD: monsterindicatorv1_0_5.mcpack [2.26 Mb]

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