Dungeon Craft addon

Dungeon Craft addon adds new biomes, creatures, weapon, items, etc. It is huge modification that aimed to change your world globally! All new will be spawned naturally and randomly around your world. Addon also adds new food to make useful effects. Prepare to battle with enemies and get new weapon. For example: Titanium Diamond Sword, Photon Sword, hero sword. You can attack also with power orbs and make massive explosion. 

Over 10 new biomes will be added. For example Magic Forest will be spawn in desert areas. It is pretty dangerous and mysterious place. You can find here many new mobs such as ogre, deer,ancient golem, etc. Another biome The Bipolar Biome has different temperatures heat and cold. In this place you can find many dangerous monsters and very high mountains. 

  • addon works as for survival as for creative mode
  • there are crafting in survival mode for most stuff
  • over 20 new mobs (spawn naturally)
  • over 10 new biomes (consist of new mobs and blocks)
  • some new food with useful effects

how to get new stuff? 
you can use commands:
  1. /function food
  2. /function special_items
  3. /function blocks
TURN ON experimental gameplay and all experimental features

screenshots look here

Mechanized Titan:
New mob is incredibly powerful and has huge sizes. He attacks with cannon and will be able to summon swarms of drones. He can spawn around your world naturally but very rare. 

download Dungeon craft for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17
DOWNLOAD: dungeon-craft-v6_0.mcaddon [8.95 Mb]

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