Fantasy Ores addon

Fantasy Ores addon adds new ores, armor, weapon, tools and even poisons. Ores you can find on different levels 19, 20, 30 and even 60 deep. The deepest ore will bring you best weapon, armor and tools. Let's add more stuff into our game and make it more diversified. Each of the weapon, armor and tool has unique effects and skills. 

For example Ruby ore you can find on 19 layer deep. Ruby sword has 8 damage attack Ruby's Labrys has effect: Force II for 15 seconds. 

  • over 15 different ore
  • over 40 different stuff

how to craft new stuff?
all craft recipes are the same. Just put right ores. 

how deep is ore?
on screenshots below you can see how deep is each of the ore. 

turn on enable gametest framework

download Fantasy Ores addon for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17

DOWNLOAD: fantasy-ores-bp.mcpack [317.67 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: fantasy-ores-rp.mcpack [385.73 Kb]

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