Sister's House horror map

Sister's House horror map with great storyline. Prepare to solve puzzles, find secrets, fight mobs and this is not the end. Your main goal of this map is escape as quickly as you can. According to the story you are person who always busy. You have a lot of work and can't spend time on your family. Some day you are free and going to visit your family. But you are locked in the house. What is going on? why are you locked? all of these questions has no answer. 

You are regular person who live in big town. As many people you are always busy. You have a family but very rare visit then because of the work. Some day you you free on your job and going to visit your family. But you understand that you are locked! 

main mission:

map has really large location so prepare to spend some time to find out the map
who like the secrets? everybody! this map will give you some and you need to solve them
your main mission on this map is escape or die. Simple mission yes?

you will be like in prison!
map includes some chapters

download Sister's House horror map for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17
DOWNLOAD: sisters-house-1_4_0-en.mcworld [21.33 Mb]

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